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Volkswagen T5 TRANSPORTER INC. 4MOTION (2003-2015)





  • PFF85-1301G allows on-car Camber adjustment of +/- 0.75 deg. Use PFF85-1301 if no adjustment is required
  • PFF85-1302G allows on-car Caster adjustment of +/- 0.6 deg. Use PFF85-1302 if no adjustment is required
  • PFR85-1310G and PFR85-1311G allows on-car adjustment of +/- 1.0 degree camber and toe. Use PFF85-1310 and PFR85-1311 if no adjustment is required
  • PFA100-14 are camber bolts for additional adjustment, they do not fit vehicles where the front shock absorber slides into the hub it has to have a bracket at the bottom of the shock with 2 bolt fixing to work.

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