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Mitsubishi LANCER EVOLUTION 7-8-9 (INC 260)





  • The Front Lower Diff Mount has 2 possible sizes. For 62mm use PFF44-107 and 70.5mm use PFF44-108.
  • `R` on the end of the part numbers for the mounts means they are suitable for normal 'Road' use.
  • For fast road/competition use the non 'R' part number. These are harder and may cause a slight increase in engine vibration and noise.
  • PFF44-105(R) is used twice on the vehicle. It is used for the Upper Engine Mount as well as the Upper Gearbox Mount.
  • PFR44-120 does not fit RS models and those without without AYC. 
  • PFR44-420 fits RS models and those without AYC

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