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BMW E36 3 SERIES (1990 - 1998)





  • PFF5-303 is an eccentric bush for the M3 (non-Evo) or where increased castor is required
  • PFF5-301 is an concentric bush for non M3 models
  • Please check front and rear roll bar size before ordering.
  • PFF5-304 is designed to fit models where the Anti Roll Bar joins the lower arm not the shock absorber. This part will not fit the M' versions as a consequence.
  • PFR5-5630-10 fits cars with standard or aftermarket rear shock absorber with a 10mm pin, PFR5-5630-12 fits cars with aftermarket rear shock absorbers with a 12mm pin. Neither fit Cabriolet models
  • PFR5-324 fits later M3 Evo models where the bush fits into a separate mounting bracket
  • PFR5-325 fits all models, (M3 models up to 1996)  with the bush in the subframe
  • PFR5-326 fits all models including all M3 models
  • PFR5-4615G replaces the original arm and inner bush and allows on car adjustment of camber. For a replacement bush only to fit in the original arm, please use PFR5-4616.

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