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Renault CLIO III SPORT 197/200 (2005 - 2012)





  • PFF60-801G allows on-car adjustment of camber, fit PFF60-801 for a non adjustable bush.
  • PFF60-802G is caster adjustable and gives additional anti lift, fit PFF60-802 for a non adjustable bush.
  • PFF60-803-* is half the length of the bracket and uses a spacer, this fits vehicles from May 2009 onwards. 
  • PFF60-803-21 fits Cup models with 21mm Front ARB. 
  • PFF60-503-* is with full length bush with no spacer and is used on vehicles upto May 2009.  
  • PFF60-820 Fits vehicles with a rubberized bracket, for vehicles with extruded alloy bracket use PFF60-526.



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