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Saab 9-5 (1998-2010) YS3E





  • PFF66-205 bush is fitted on model year 2000 cars onwards
  • PFF66-205 has 62mm O/D at the rear of the bush and fits year 2000 onwards.
  • PFF66-201 has 52mm O/D at the rear of the bush  and fits pre year 2000 models.
  • PFR66-211-17 Fits Aero Models. For Non Aero models use PFR66-210-17.
  • PFF66-221 fits manual cars year 2000 on
  • PFF66-221R fits manual cars year 2000 on, it is softer and more suited to diesel engined cars.
  • PFF66-222 only fits automatic petrol cars year 2000 on.

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