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Audi 80, 90 QUATTRO INC AVANT (1992-1996), S2 INC AVANT B4, RS2 B4 (1994-1996)





  • PFF3-101 Fit 37mm Pressed Arms
  • PFF3-102 Fit 45mm Cast Arms
  • PFR3-1011-21 & 23.5 Front anti roll bar mounts are tear drop shaped.
  • PFF3-106-21.5 Fits models where there is no link rod between the anti roll bar and control arm.
  • PFF3-120-10 & PFF3-121-10 fit vehicles with 10mm mounting bolts, vehicles with 12mm bolts use PFF3-120-12 & PFF3-121-12
  • PFR3-209 Fits pressed rear upper arms
  • PFR3-212 Fits cast rear upper arms


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